I sometimes struggle to find what I want to do with my life because nothing in this reality really intrigues me enough to be devoted to it.
— Dau Voire (via kushandwizdom)

The Endless Series of Countdowns

Before, I was counting down the days until I left to Taiwan.  Then, I was counting the days until I went back home.  And after that, I was counting days until college.  Now?  Now, I’m counting down the days until I can finally go home.  Except for this countdown, I wish so badly that the days would fly by like seconds ticking on a clock instead of 24 hours a day.


once i was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old and she asked me why i was so ugly and without thinking i said “i’m you from the future” and she cried for like 30 minutes

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Here comes meeting 10 billion different people and not remembering any of their names.